Graham served for thirty years in both the Lancashire and Hampshire police forces, twenty seven years of which were in C.I.D. During his time in C.I.D. he worked in Special Branch, anti-terrorist squads, Crime Intelligence and murder squads.

Graham enjoys a good sense of humour so when he retired from the police he wanted a new career that was something completely different from the police. He wanted something that is funny, entertaining and light hearted so Catch the Killer murder mysteries was born.


As far as he is concerned the main object of the murder mystery is to enjoy the evening amongst friends and colleagues. If you take a look at the Testimonials page you will see what previous clients have said. They are only included on the page if they are prepared to supply their contact details.


You can also see photos on his Facebook page catchthekillerdinners.


He has written over twenty murder mystery stories most of which can be adapted to suit the needs of the client.

Graham also does some after dinner speaking and calls his talks Criminal Entertainment. He relates stories, both serious and amusing, about the various departments of the police starting from when he walked the beat until the time he retired.


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