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Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your murder mysteries which we found funny and thought provoking. The scenarios were all different and not stereotyped. We liked the creative names of the suspects and the opportunities for chat between the passengers. Very best wishes.

Audrey and Mike

The murder mystery party I had was fantastic! I wanted to do something different - which is exactly what I got! You guided everyone along at an easy pace and kept people involved. Everyone had an opportunity to ask questions/read a part and everyone came away from the night talking about how much fun they had. All in all, it was a fantastic night that I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.

Byron Davies

Well what can I say, it was absolutely fantastic, everyone had such a brilliant night, and people are still talking about it! Stu didn't have a clue until he walked onto the train. He said that it was just the sort of party he would have wanted, not a huge fuss but all his friends and family around for a fun filled night. One again, thank you so much it was a great night and I will of course recommend it to everyone I know!

Debbie Hare

If you are looking for an evening of fun, intrigue and entertainment, then this is for you. On our cruise, we experienced four different mysteries, all adapted to match the environment and the audience. Everyone was involved in an interactive way which captured our imagination and gave the evening a personal feeling. On one evening, I was one of the suspects and had great fun trying to convince the audience that "I had done the dastardly deed" - it was fun."

Ian Corbitt

Your murder mysteries are very imaginative and genuinely funny. Anyone can join in and the results can be hilarious! They are very different to the normal murder mysteries. You brought some fun into the proceedings and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pam Ginman

Thank you for all the pics you kindly sent me of your excellent Murder Mystery which I had real pleasure in taking part. They are so novel and genuinely funny that we can only wonder why no one else has thought of the format before. Congratulations and we hope you have continuing success.

Phil Clark

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in your murder mystery. We particularly liked the way you had organised the scripts for the suspects which meant that we didn't have to learn too many lines!! As to the content, the plot and the choice of names for the participants gave the shows the right amount of humour. Good luck with all your future efforts.

Roger Whale

Thank you Graham, it was a wonderful birthday and a truly entertaining experience from start to finish. You have a great rapport with people and are very skilled at being able to involve everyone. This is a party we will always remember, and we would definitely consider planning another!


I just wanted to say what great fun we had taking part in your recent murder mystery. I had never actually see none before, them, let alone taken part in them. It is something really different. It's great fun for everyone, even if you are not a 'suspect' you can still take part by trying to solve the crime. It was great. I was cast as a murderer in one play and the wonderful thing was, was that I had no idea until the reveal at the end....fantastic! Thanks again.

Susan Edge


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